How To Measure


wall mural measurementMeasurement Tips


Find useful tips on how to measure standard wall with a few simple tips. Knowing how to correctly measure a room will make project easier and more cost-effective.


measurement tap



Measuring Width

Measure the horizontal distance from corner to corner.


Measuring Height

Measure the vertical height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square.

If different, select the greater of the two height measurements.






1. Use a tape measure. Do not use a ruler where you have to add up measurements to give you a final size.


2. Include the door/window/other wall decorations in your wall measurement.


3. Exclude the skirting, baseboard, and crown molding in your measurement.


4. We will add an extra inch of bleed to the height and width of each wallpaper section/panel.




wallpaper glueBefore Applying Wallpaper


1. Please remove your current wallpaper


2. Please make sure your wall in smooth and dry.


3. Installation of wallpaper is not recommend for newly painted wall.


4. Please make sure your paint is fully dry.


5. Please make sure your wall is painted with undercoat if newly built.